Hobby News links for Podcast Episiode #163

In Episode 163 of the Podcast, we started a new ‘Hobby News’ section.

Here are the links for the news items that we discussed:

Tor Gaming Kickstarter

Armies Army 15mm Cold War Kickstarter

Winterdale Fantasy City Kickstarter

Eagle Figures Spanish Troops

Polyversal Kickstarter

Too Fat Lardies – New Products

Clockwork Goblin

Rebel Miniatures – Zombies

Mantic Games – Walking Dead

Shieldwall Miniatures

7TV 2nd Edition

Star Wars Programme Guide for 27TV


4 Comments on Hobby News links for Podcast Episiode #163

  1. I enjoyed the new format of the show. Thanks for the related links.
    PS not a fan of Sails of Glory. I like Napoleonic naval combat SoG seems a bit tedious.

  2. I wasn’t aware of those Rebel Minis werewolves, and I must order some in due course. However, I just received some Splintered Light werewolves, and I would recommend them!

  3. mcdouglas2015 // January 26, 2016 at 11:17 // Reply

    Shout out for your “Tower Hamlets” quip….I noticed it even if the others ignored it!

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