Heroines in Sensible Shoes

In a move that is sure to warm the heart of the Dice Bag Lady herself, Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched a Kickstarter to fund a range of sensibly dressed and equipped female adventurers.

oathsworn cleric

Whilst aimed at roleplayers, I’m sure at least some of these could find their way into such things as a Frostgrave Warband.

The range includes:

  • Human Rogue
  • Human Fighter
  • Human Cleric
  • Human Magic User
  • Wood Elf Ranger
  • Dwarf Fighter
  • Halfling Rogue

oathsworm rogue

They are looking for £1500 for the project, but at time of writing are already £600+ over their target. The Kickstarter is running until the 3rd February, so you will have to get your skates on…

oathsworn ks 1


1 Comment on Heroines in Sensible Shoes

  1. This was a very atypical kickstarter experience for me. There were constant updates from the creaters, the quality and price of the product were both excellent, and most incredibly, it was fulfilled quickly. The minis are various and of exceptional quality. Hoping they’ll do another kickstarter someday.

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