Age of Tyrants – 6mm Sci-Fi mass battle game on Kickstarter

Age of Tyrants is a new sci-fi mass battle game from Myriad Miniatures, which has recently launched on Kickstarter.


This is a 6mm sci-fi game, which is set in the Draconis Alba galaxy. If this doesn’t ring any bells, this is the universe that we first saw with the Void Sci-Fi skirmish game from I-Kore (Remember that? It was the one with all those lovely 28mm miniatures sculpted by Kev White – I do own a VASA army which I fully intend on painting and using with Deadzone rules…one day) and this new game is indeed written by Mark Brendan, one of the original designers of Void.

Four of the factions from the original game: Junkers, Viridians, Syntha and VASA are present (no sign of the Koralon) and each has a selection of troops and armour available.

The minimum size of a force for the game is a company, and pledges are arranged around this.

  • Infantry Company = £48
  • Mixed Company = £60
  • Armoured Company = £96

The Beta rules are available to download from the Age of Tyrants website.

The Kickstarter is running until the 18th February, and has already surpassed its original funding target of £20,000. Delivery is due in August 2016.

With the Polyversal Kickstarter also due to launch shortly, and Osprey Publishing launching Horizon Wars at Salute, the gamer who likes his 6mm Sci-Fi currently finds himself with a target rich environment.






2 Comments on Age of Tyrants – 6mm Sci-Fi mass battle game on Kickstarter

  1. Age of Tyrants is funded. Let’s hope for the best for those Junker XL Tanks look awesome.

    Oh, you gave me two more things to look for!

  2. Dave Blood // January 27, 2016 at 08:11 // Reply

    So much 6mm sci-fi at the same time! I bet the Polyversal guy wishes he got his kickstarter launched *last* month.

    That said, I am not a big fan of mechs. I also have a large collection of 15mm sci-fi. The Osprey rules seem to feature mechs. The Age Of Tyrants rules have dedicated minis.

    I still expect to buy the Polyversal rules and use them for 15mm.

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