Polyversal launches on Kickstarter

Polyversal – the sci-fi range-independent mass battle rules, written by Ken Whitehurst and published by Collins Epic Wargames, has just launched on Kickstarter.

The rules are aimed at playing mass battles with 6mm miniatures, and have been written with the cooperation of six miniature manufacturers who have partnered with CEW so that stats for their ranges (and even some of their miniatures) appear in the rules.

You can back for the rules in PDF or Hardcopy, and then there is a boxed version of the game available – look to spending $125 for this box set, which will contain 40 vehicles and 60 infantry.

The Kickstarter is running until the 27th March, with the game due to be released in November of this year.

If you remember, we interviewed Ken Whitehurst about these rules back in Episode 124.

We will be chatting with Byron Collins of Collins Epic Wargaming on a podcast in the near future – one to look out for.

11 Comments on Polyversal launches on Kickstarter

  1. Dave Blood // January 28, 2016 at 09:16 // Reply

    $20 (early bird, it’s $25 regular) for PDF rules is way too much.

    • why?
      the rules have been worked on for more then 5 years and the playtest version I have (which is just text) is 70 pages long, I think that kind of in-depth ruleset is well worth $25. I don’t get this mentality that not having a physical version of the rules some how cheapens it

      • Dave Blood // January 28, 2016 at 19:42 //

        At retail, $20 or $25 would be fine, but I expect a discount when backing a Kickstarter.

  2. Dave Blood // January 28, 2016 at 19:51 // Reply

    Let me say *why* I expect Kickstarter rules to be cheap.

    If I buy at retail, that game is already out. There are reviews I can read. I have tools to decide if it’s a good game, a game I might like.

    With a Kickstarter, I don’t have that information. I’m gambling that it will be a good game.

    At retail, I get my order right away. With Kickstarter, I have to wait months, sometimes years, after I pay, to get the rules.

    That’s why I think Kickstarter rules should be seriously inexpensive.

    • Sorry Dave, but I’m with Mike on this one.
      This is, I think, a fundamental issue with understanding Kickstarter. It’s not a pre-order system, it’s an invitation to invest in the production of an idea.
      However, thanks to the way that several companies have chosen to use it in recent years, it is now perceived as a pre-order system.
      It isn’t, which is one reason why I said what I said in my tweet about supporting the KS…
      Rules, and the work behind them, are worth the same either during or after KS. That some choose to offer them at discount price is up to them, but they had better have their sums right…

    • yeah Sorry Dave we have to disagree on this one, whilst some companies just knock out rules to get them ready for a kickstarter this game is different. Ken and Bryon from Collins Epic Wargames have spent 5+ years refining these rules and now they are ready they want to get them produced (alongside some custom terrain and the web app to produce custom tiles)

      So you are not buying a set of beta rules that’ll change in a few months these are a well designed, well playtested set of rules and are worthy of $25 for the pdf

  3. To a certain extent I agree with both points of view here. I don’t believe that the positions here are irreconcilable. My own perspective goes back to the question I posted for podcast 164 (or was it 165?) why isn’t there a successful, pervasive set of 6mm sci fi rules?

    I think that one of the reasons is that there is such a diversity of flavours that people want. I don’t necessarily baulk at £14 for the early bird, or maybe a bit more IF I am going to get what I want from a rule set. Hammers Slammers, FWC, Strike Legion and many others have look set to deliver but didn’t necessarily give me what I wanted. (In fairness Slammers is obviously targeted at that Universe, and I think that is the way to go) I am not critical of these sets, just saying they don’t appear to be attracting a relatively large following as say Full Thrust for space games.

    • Apologies, I had a family interruption! What I was driving at above is that it seems difficult to capture what appeals about combat at this scale to a mass (relatively speaking) audience. That is why I might be cautious having bought all the games above, and more, while viewing Polyversal, Horizon Wars and anything else.

      I have never bought into a Kickstarter, although I was very close with Thunderbirds though. I really need to know it will deliver what I want. Thunderbirds was always going to do that (I just couldn’t persuade my wife!), I am not sure that anything can achieve that, and 3-6mm sci fi is already littered with a lot of disappointments for me.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. We’re doing something special with Polyversal. You can ultimately decide whether or not to support it- but- if not- it may never get made, seriously…

    If it helps with your decision regarding the rules, we do provide a FREE print-and-play version along with an explanatory 15 minute tutorial video covering the basics of gameplay. It’s not a lot of work to print those out, get a feel for how easy combat resolves, how the orders system works, etc. Granted, this is not the full system– it can’t be– because the core of the game is customization and the compatibility with everything out there that’s 6mm scale.

    And as always, we welcome your comments on how we can improve what we’re offering. Best, Byron (Publisher of Polyversal)

  5. I sincerely hope it works out well Byron. I really would love to see a good system, although maybe I should use 3mm. Either way I will have a look at the intro version.

  6. Thanks Marcus! I was interviewed today on M&M podcast so in about a week, you’ll hear more about Polyversal and our concept behind it.

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