Questions for Podcast Episode 165

Having just recorded our first ‘Mailbag’ section for Episode 164 (which should hopefully be out next Monday) it’s time to ask for your questions and comments for the next show.

Coming up in Episode 165:

We speak to Byron Collins about Polyversal

We have a round table discussion. We had a whole section of questions left over from our 150th episode under the general heading of ‘The Industry’ – asking for our opinions on various aspects of the gaming trends, so we are going to come back to those and have a chat.

If you want to add any questions, or have a comment or feedback on recent shows, please send an e-mail to  with the title “Podcast Mailbag” or “Podcast Feedback”

Many thanks


2 Comments on Questions for Podcast Episode 165

  1. Any thoughts on the collapse of Alien Dungeon’s ,”All Quiet on the Martian Front?”

    • We are going to be recording a ‘Round Table’ discussion in 165. This originally was going to be on scenery, but we will now be addressing some of the ‘Industry’ questions that we didn’t answer in episode 150.
      However, this particular story will be a major feature of the hobby news.

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