Baccus release their first 6mm WW2 Infantry

Baccus 6mm have finally released the first codes of their much-anticipated World War II range.

There are initially six packs available, with Infantry in Advancing and Firing poses for British, American and German late-war. There are 96 figures in a pack, with a pack priced at £6.60.

LMGs and Mortars to follow in the not-too-distant future, apparently…

Chain of Command in 6mm, anyone? Well, certainly I Ain’t Been Shot Mum.


3 Comments on Baccus release their first 6mm WW2 Infantry

  1. Big fan of Baccus 6mm.
    I’ve been looking forward to the WW2 range. They are going to be great
    for large battle games, BKC, Battlegroup, Spearhead or maybe Iron Cross.

    • Agreed, looking forward to big battles. Just had the new Rapid Fire Normandy campaign book to review, which is a really nice book, but the table sizes are just a bit too big at their ‘normal’ 20mm scale (average is 7′ x 5′). However, play these in 6mm, where you can half the ranges / table size, and suddenly everything is good to go.
      Obviously, Pete is doing 1944-45 NW Europe first.

      Just started looking for buildings… are very nice indeed.

      This could get expensive…

      • Dear god, I just ordered a ton of 6mm Napoleonic Frenchies from him lat summer and haven’t done anything with them.

        This whole WW2 thing is turning into quite a drain on resources and time. But there’s sooo much good stuff out there! 😦 – The Wargamer’s Lament, verse 2

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