View from the Veranda – January 2016

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Welcome to the January 2016 episode of the View from the Veranda Podcast


Once again, hosts Neil Shuck and Henry Hyde get together to chat about a variety of subjects to do with miniature wargaming.

Sit back, pour a glass of your favourite beverage, and join us on the Veranda.

This show was recorded on 20th January, 2016

22 Comments on View from the Veranda – January 2016

  1. Really enjoyed listening to you blokes while I was painting, thanks.
    Some really interesting topics of discussion.

  2. Can’t wait to listen. Henry Hyde’s The Wargaming Compendium got me back into wargaming.

  3. The unfortunate tale of events tragically recounted at the opening re the miraculous discovery of a certain unpublished manuscript of the Point Systems Bible is, well, rather good. πŸ™‚

  4. Broadcast war games? see Edward Woodward’s Battle Ground.

    Brilliant idea nonetheless. I think I will steal it. πŸ™‚

  5. That opener had me laughing. A lot. Very well done, Henry!

  6. henrywargamer // February 15, 2016 at 17:17 // Reply

    Just so you know, I have had a message from a Mr Riestley, who says that it’s a shame I lost the rest of the manuscript because in fact, he goes on to explain that the conclusion is that the value of the average naked warrior should not, in fact, be 1.

    • Oh no! I’d just gone ahead and done a whole points system based on the original surviving presumption in Mr Riestley’s manuscript! So when he wrote, “Let us assume . . . *But* – ” he meant it! Aaaaaaaaaaarggghhh!!!!

      • I feared this could happen: millions of gamers the world over will now be frantically chasing bin lorries down the street, tying to retrieve their previous calculations. I fear I may have triggered an international incident. I shall be the Julian Assange of wargaming and I’m looking for a friendly embassy as I write this.

      • I can see our next VftV could be interesting: with Henry Hyde, wargaming fugitive, from an undisclosed location

      • Shades of the Fugitive

    • Bonus for the naked shock effect I suspect.

    • Not surprising. In many ancient rules, being naked turns you into some kind of crazed fanatic. I’d rate ‘tackle out’ as equivalent to ‘red trousers’ in the ACW. At least worth an extra point.

  7. Henry’s new hideout…

  8. henrywargamer // February 18, 2016 at 11:53 // Reply

    Damn, how’d you find me?

  9. On the last topic of technology in gaming we use WhatsApp if we have Umpire moderated hidden movement etc so we can all stay in the same room together.
    One group called German Orders and another called Allied orders. The Umpire obviously sees both.
    Teams can suggest tactics to each other whilst the opposition remain ignorant of them
    There is no dispute over who said what and when, poorly written orders are preserved for posterity and more importantly can be legitimately misinterpreted by the Umpire depending on the rating if the Commander plus a dice throw.
    Those are good fun games .

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