To the Strongest World Championship

DSC_0002Today I drove down to the village of Chalgrove in Oxfordshire to attend the second ‘To the Strongest’ World Championship.

The event was organised by Steve Dover and the South Oxfordshire Generals, and I’d somehow managed to wangle an invitation after chatting with Simon Miller at the Hereward Show last year.

The competition was to be played using 28mm armies. This have been a bit of an issue, as I don’t own a 28mm ancient army (although, having played John Sharman’s Vikings in the first event of the day, I realised that I could have played with my Saga Norman army, though would need to be expanded somewhat – food for though for next year, and I’ve already downloaded the army list!)

Simon very kindly lent me one of his Early Imperial Roman armies – this looked beautiful and was fabulous to play with, even if the results on the day did not do the army justice.


The army consisted of three Commands. The first had 2 units of cavalry, the second 4 units of Legionaries, 1 unit of Auxiliary Bowmen and 2 camps, and the third a single unit of Legionaries supported by 3 units of Auxiliaries.

Here are a few close-ups of the units




The day was great fun, even though I failed to record a victory on the day. Many thanks to Steve Dover for organising the event, and to Simon for lending me some of his toys!


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