New printed unit cards for Aurelian

Aurelian coverAurelian is the recent Ancients wargame from Sam Mustafa.

You may remember that these rules have been released in PDF format, and can be played using unit tiles rather than miniatures.

Whilst the website contains all the downloads you will need to play the game, this would normally mean that you would have to download, print and cut-out several dozen unit tiles in order to play.

However, these unit tiles are now available to purchase as printed cards via

There are five packs available in total: the four different army packs, plus the Aurelian Action Cards.



Pack Contains 50 Unit Cards: $20

The units included are: 2 x Auxilia Archers, 6 x Archers & Slingers, 4 x Light Cavalry, 4 x Armored Cavalry, 4 x Clibanarii, 8 x Veteran Cohorts, 10 x Experienced Cohorts, and 12 x Raw Cohorts.



Pack contains 42 Unit Cards: $18:00

The units included are: 1 x Amazons, 4 x Nobles, 4 x Archers & Slingers, 8 x Horse Archers, 8 x Cavalry, and 16 x Warriors



Pack contains 40 Unit Cards: $18:00

3 x Noble Cavalry, 6 x Light Cavalry, 6 x Archers & Slingers, 5 x Optimates, 20 x Warbands.



Pack Contains 51 Unit Cards: $20

The units included are: 4 x Elephants, 3 x Mercenary Infantry, 6 x Kamandaran, 8 x Tribal Cavalry, 6 x Cataphracts, 8 x Archers & Slingers, and 16 x Paighans.

1 Comment on New printed unit cards for Aurelian

  1. Neil, the Roman cards do not contain any non-archer Auxilia. Do you know if any of the other decks contain cards that would be suitable for non-archer Auxilia that the Romans could use?

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