A final word on the TtS World Championships

As I mentioned at the start of the week, last weekend I was playing in the To the Strongest World Championships last Saturday.

I was playing with a beautifully painted Early Imperial Roman army, very kindly lent to me by Simon Miller.


In game 1, I played John Sharman and his Viking Army (an extension of his existing Saga army). I eventually lost this game 6:9.


In game 2 I was facing a fellow Early Imperial Roman Army, in the hands of Trevor Holcraft. This was a very tightly fought game, which I eventually lost 2:4 due to losing my camp on the final turn.


The final battle was against Mark Schofield and his Late Romans. This was another tightly fought game which I eventually lost 4:6.


I ended the day in 10th place (out of 14). The winner was Simon Purchon, with a Sassanid Army.


Simon Purchon (left) receives his prize for first place from TtS author Simon Miller

Thanks to everyone for making it a great day.

20160213_171839 (2)

3 Comments on A final word on the TtS World Championships

  1. How many points were used in the competition?

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