Painting 15mm Airspeed Horsa Glider – Part I

In the upcoming What We’ve Been Up To segment of Episode 165 of the podcast, you will hear me lamenting that fact that Dave Luff still hasn’t painted his glider, and thus we cannot start out Chain of Command campaign as said glider is an integral part of the first scenario.

Last night, I popped around to Dave’s and we decided that, rather than play a game, we would have a ‘hobby night’ and do some painting.

The model in question is the BFF-005: Airspeed Horsa Glider, from the Flyin’ Little Fokkers range available via Old Glory UK, for the price of £16.00

This is a resin and metal kit, which comes in several parts including metal undercarriage and a landing skid. Dave wanted to model a landed glider. Since these pretty much always had their undercarriage ripped off on landing, he modelled his with just the landing skid in place.

First off he assembled the model and painted it black. The main model is the body and wings, but these are by no means a perfect fit and require some work to get a flush and smooth finish.

The camouflage pattern is only applied to the very top of the airframe, so Dave applied Frog tape to the model before starting to paint the camo.


Dave then painted a camouflage pattern…


He’s using his phone as a painting guide, I think using the following picture


The colours used were Vallejo Reflective Green and Vallejo Dark Earth – two coats of each.

The tape was then removed…


The canopy was then painted, using a blue grey, highlighted with white mixed with a Vallejo metallic medium.


Next up is adding the roundels and invasion stripes. Since Dave wants to use this glider for both D-Day and Arnhem, we have been looking to see what is the best compromise. It would appear that most gliders used at Arnhem had stripes on the fuselage, but no longer had them on the wings (although photographic evidence does show the odd glider with invasion stripes on the wings as well)


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