The death of Wayne England

Wayne_EnglandWith one thing and another, I’ve not been keeping up with the wargaming blogs on a regular basis over the last week or so, so it was with both surprise and sadness that I learned yesterday of the recent death of Wayne England (on 9th February), via Jake Thornton’s Quirkworthy blog.

Whilst Wayne’s work portfolio is extensive, for me he will always be associated with one particular army: his Warhammer Dwarfs, which were featured in White Dwarf issues 135, 144 & 148.

Waynes England Dwarf 3

wayne england dwarfs 2I’m probably not alone in the fact that this article cemented my a love affair with Dwarf armies that started in my time playing RPGs. The striking blue and white medieval colour scheme really helped, as it merged Dwarfs with Medieval Knights (a win-win if ever there was one)

wayne england dwarfs 1

And these ultimately influenced my own Dwarf warband



Thanks to Wayne for the memories and inspiration, and my sympathies to his family, friends and loved ones.

2 Comments on The death of Wayne England

  1. Wayne’s Dwarfs (and art) were certainly one of the factors that led to me being a fan of the bearded ones.

  2. It was very sad news. I enjoyed Wayne’s art for GW especially the faction icons that he did for various game systems. In later years when I started playing Magic: the Gathering, having Wayne’s art on the cards was like seeing an old friend at the table. I only new him through his work, but I will miss him. I wrote a small piece about this here:

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