Pig Iron Productions – Nooooooo!

PI_TOP_LOGOLast Wednesday, Simon and Lisa of Pig Iron Productions announced that they were closing down after 15 years. The shop would close at the end of March, and until then, anything sold out would not be restocked.

The full story is here

When I visited the store this morning (Saturday) pretty much everything I wanted was sold out.

pig iron 1

I bought their tanks and APC when they first came out – they are fantastic models, and I’d always promised myself that I would by a platoon of Heavy Infantry, Kolony Militia and System Troopers at some point. After all, they are (in my opinion) some of the best sci-fi models out there.

pig iron 2

During my big clear-out last year, I even had some spare funds to get some, but the main troop packs were out of stock, so I had wait until they were back in, and by that time other financial priorities meant that I could no longer get them.

“Never mind”, I thought, “I’ll put them on the shopping list for next year”.

pig iron 3

Alas not. I visited the website this morning, and most packs of what I would want have sold out. It’s not really worth getting only a couple of packs when you really need over a hundred or so infantry, so it would appear that the opportunity has gone for good.

Unless the range is sold to another company, that is. I’m really hoping that someone buys this range. If so, I promise that I will be one of the first buyers!

I wish Simon and Lisa all the very best in their future endeavours.

Meanwhile, I am left to contemplate what might have been…

6 Comments on Pig Iron Productions – Nooooooo!

  1. That’s a shame. They do some great things.

  2. So, what you’re saying is, when we want something, we should buy it right then, because if we wait, it might be too late.

    Gee, thanks Neil. My lead pile thanks you as well. 🙂

  3. Simon and Lisa were great to deal with, and enormous help to me in putting together a show game recently. I don’t have as much stuff as I would like from them as I tried to move over to 15mm for my own games, but they are great models and always tempting. Fortunately i have some troopers stashed away to paint up. Thanks Simon & Lisa.

  4. Hi there

    Pig Iron is up and running again under new management. Check us out.

    Helen and Alex
    Pig Iron Productions

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