Red Star, White Lights Cold War Scenario Book

wswl cover The recent release of Team Yankee, interest in a fictitious World War III has been rekindled.

In Red Star, White Lights, author Jason Weiser examines the premise that the battleground of an ground war would extend far beyond Germany, and would include Scandinavia.

The book contains a total of twelve scenarios which are designed to be rules independent (though the scenario layout owes much to Force-on-Force). Special rules cover Cold Weather, soft ground and deep snow, light levels and avalanches.

Scenarios vary from an elite force strike on a radar station, Soviet Troops defending a USMC Armoured counter-attack, raids against towns and villages and even an attempt to capture a member of the Swedish Royal Family.

This book contains some very nice ideas, and is the first in what will hopefully be a series of scenario books about alternative settings for your World War III battles.

You can purchase the book, in PDF form, from Wargames Vault, or ArmiesArmy.


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