Painting 15mm Airspeed Horsa Glider – Part 2

…or how painting black and white can turn the air blue.

We had another hobby night in a continuing attempt to get Dave’s glider finished so that we can start our Chain of Command campaign.

After last week, the main thing that was left was the invasion stripes, which we decided were relevant for both D-Day and Arnhem.


It started with Dave taping an area of the wings and applying white over the whole area.


At this point, there was a lot of time spent with tape and black paint, with Dave trying to get the stripes right using masking tape. He painted the tail, but it was evident that the stripes were far too narrow…


With frustration mounting as he wasn’t happy with the results he was getting, Dave was close to seeing if the model could fly for real. Eventually, he decided to do away with the tape completely, and paint the lines by hand without masking tape. The final result looked pretty good, but had taken over 2 hours to achieve…


RAF DecalsThe model is now close to being finished. One of the things left is the addition of roundels, which Dave has now decided to use decals, rather than trying to paint by hand. We found the set on the left at Minibits for £2.50, which should be ideal.

All being well, this should be ready to go next week.


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