Classic Spaceship Model suitable for 28mm

If you listen to the latest podcast episode, at one point we get slightly distracted talking about classic British 70’s sci-fi shows.

ARC-Moonbase-Full-CrewCrooked Dice have serviced the gaming community rather well in respects of these series, and you can find figures which pay homage to many of these classic 60’s and 70’s shows, which of course can be used in conjunction with the 7TV rules to provide hours of fun recreating each episode.

We ended up talking about Space 1999, and more to the point, what an iconic design the Eagle Transporter is.

Well, I’ve found someone who produces one in 1:48th scale:


This particular model is sold by a couple of outlets, including CultTVmanshop in the US.

At $99, it’s not cheap, but it looks great.




Surely a ‘must have’ for that latest moonbase adventure?

cd strakerDolly-BirdBTW – We implied during the episode that Crooked Dice didn’t have any miniatures inspired by the series UFO. We were, of course, wrong in this thinking.

However, there is certainly scope to expand the available models…

2 Comments on Classic Spaceship Model suitable for 28mm

  1. I am seeking metal miniatures for use in a Star Trek: TNG game! (Insurrection Uniforms.) Know where I can find some for sale?

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