Open Combat – Hardback rulebook has arrived!

In Episode 166 of the podcast, we spoke with Carl Brown of Second Thunder about the hardback rulebook for Open Combat.

I’m pleased to say that it’s arrived, and is looking pretty stunning.


The rulebook is now 100 pages long, and contains all sorts of extra goodies, including extra scenarios, ideas on how to create terrain boards etc.



Carl has done a fantastic job with these rules, and the book is beautiful – definitely one to add to your ‘must buy’ list.



6 Comments on Open Combat – Hardback rulebook has arrived!

  1. Available only from Second Thunder? Anyone in USA stocking?

  2. Um, ‘Craig has done a fantastic job’? A mental slip I think.

    I’m looking forward to getting my hand-delivered by the man himself.

  3. Stunning looking book. The cover screams pick me up and open me. Really well done.

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