Deadstick…hang on a minute…

I think we’ve all done it.

There we are, getting ready to put on a game, sorting out all our miniatures and scenery when, suddenly, we look around and say “hang on, where’s xxx…”

That happened to me last night.

deadstick mg

I was looking at the table layout for our first scenario when in hit me that I I was missing a Machine Gun pit.

Oops. After several months waiting to play this scenario, it was a bit of a bombshell to discoverer the night before the game.

Well, I managed to throw something together, using the same method as we did when making the trenches last year.

The result isn’t too bad.


I managed to finish the painting and apply the flock/grass first thing this morning. Of course, you immediately find problems, like the fact that I should have added posts at the entrance, and I’ve probably applied too much grass when compared to the trenches.

It would also look better with a line of sandbags around the rim – this is something I’ll have to add at a later date – but it does the job, and looks reasonable enough.


1 Comment on Deadstick…hang on a minute…

  1. Looks fine. And anyway, what else is the last minute for?

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