Marder III painting inspiration

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As I work my way through the large number of vehicles in my WW2 German motor pool, I always browse through images on the internet for sources of inspiration when painting camouflage patterns. Whilst many come from various illustrations and period photos, I’m always a fan seeing what other modellers have done – especially those who work with 1/35 scale kits.

This was the case when I was looking for a colour scheme for a couple of Marder IIIs.


I found a couple that I really liked. The first is from the Armorama website


This a lovely built kit. Full details here

My own version in 15mm


The second was a rather striking camouflage pattern from a Marder III built by Lars Richter


and again, my own version in 15mm


The 15mm Marders are from the Plastic Soldier Company P38T kit. They are easy to assemble and look pretty good when finished

1 Comment on Marder III painting inspiration

  1. Sir, just started following your blog about 4 month ago, and this is my first post here. I too am always on the hunt for that “cool” looking camo the Germans seemed to outfit their vehicles. Your paint scheme looks spot on. What I try to do, in 1:488 scale) is make the model a bit more personable as though it will tell a short story. You can do this by adding crew observing, lounging or in action. Further a touch of stowage and maybe some camo netting or branches will top it off. I have a lot of vehicles for WWII and my house rule is you cannot field that vehicle without at least having a driver in it. Again great job!

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