Latest Tiger Terrain models painted

I picked up another four buildings from Tiger Terrain at the end of last week. The next scenario in our campaign has a chateau complex which includes a couple of large barns – I only had one, so need to purchase/paint another. I decided to get some of the remaining buildings on our shopping list whilst I was at it. Tiger Terrain does a great selection of buildings, but not all of them have removable roofs. All the buildings we have (with the exception of the church) have removable roofs – we wanted to keep everything the same if at all possible.

WB3 – The Barn from Papelotte


DSC_0025 (2)

I’m not altogether happy with this one – I used too dark a wash (brown ink) and so the final brickwork I was drybrushing over was too brown. The final result is OK, but perhaps looks a bit too patchy. I will wait to see what it looks like of the table before deciding what I need to do further with this.

Timber Frame Barn from La Haye


DSC_0028 (2)

This is a nice little building. I think the brickwork around the bottom needs some more work, otherwise this isn’t too bad.

Stone Barn


DSC_0030 (2)

Really nice small stone barn – great surface details made painting this easy – maybe needs a little more drybrushing



DSC_0033 (2)

My favourite building of the four.

Well, I managed to get these painted in a couple of days – as I said, not 100% happy with them, but they should be pretty serviceable.

I will see what they look like on the table, next to our existing buildings, and then decide what further work I need to do.

2 Comments on Latest Tiger Terrain models painted

  1. I like these mate, but I would do something to darken the mortar on the bottom of the second building, maybe a brown/black mix washed over would work

    • Agreed. The wash I used didn’t really sink in – it’s the same one that I used on the bottom two buildings, but the much finer brickwork didn’t really get picked out. Maybe I should use the same ink as I did on the barn, as the brickwork is the same size.

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