Mike Hobbs’ gaming blog

Podcast co-host and all round really nice chap Mike Hobbs has recently resurrected his gaming blog: The Diary of a Wargames Butterfly

It’s well worth a look – Mike is currently posting a series of articles about the development of his War of 1812 supplement for Sharp Practice 2, along with what’s on his painting desk and some of his recent gaming.DSCF5458-1024x466

6 Comments on Mike Hobbs’ gaming blog

  1. That is a really nice blog that Mike H has, I don’t think I have seen a gaming blog in that “newspaper front page” style before.

    One thought did occur when reading the “Behind the Scenes” bit: if Annie is Mike’s gaming nemesis, and Dave is Neil’s gaming nemesis, when will Annie and Dave get to meet up for a few games of SAGA…?

  2. Great stuff – love the Canadians for obvious reasons

  3. The only thing I don’t like about the blog is that you have to register with WordPress to leave a comment.

    • hi Nicholas, no my blog is standalone so it doesn’t need a WordPress account. it does have its own user access and you do need to be a user on my blog to post a comment, but that is to stop drive-by comments being left by various bots.
      if you saw the amount of attempts to hack into the site I get you would be amazed, so I put security first and that means controlling comments and having user accounts

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