Building a bit more scenery

Sorry for the lack of updates this week – I’ve been a bit snowed under with magazine work…

I have been pottering around a little bit on the painting table. First up is a sentry post, which we need for our game tonight. This is available from Peter Pig.


Then I’ve been ‘re-purposing’ a couple of toy buildings I found. These are both from the Britains farm range – about 1/32nd scale. First we have a chicken coop…


Which is on the way to becoming a storage shed of some sort…


With a 15mm figure for scale


Secondly, I’ve been looking for something that I can use as a garage workshop. I’ve got some accessories from Peter Pig for making a garage (petrol pumps, tyres etc) but I wanted to have a large wooden shed. I was going to scratch build one when I found this rabbit hutch:


Replace the door, and given it a lick of paint…


Again, with a 15mm figure, just to show scale


…and then add a couple of signs…


Next time you see these, I’ll have had chance to put them on some scenic bases, which should add to the transformation.

6 Comments on Building a bit more scenery

  1. John Sharman // March 31, 2016 at 12:26 // Reply


    Great use of the Britain’s buildings. What is your colour scheme for these as they look good. John

  2. And how do you get the nice wood grain effect onto smooth plastic? Quite an impressive transformation.

    • I was as surprised as you when that appeared 🙂
      It must have been cast onto the plastic, you just couldn’t see it until it was washed and drybrushed

      • What a nice surprise! They look good, I actually prefer the stronger contrast of the chicken coop.

  3. Gonzalo Cifuentes // March 31, 2016 at 13:30 // Reply

    Spledid job

  4. Those are great. 😀 Good stuff, and perfect “table fillers”. You can never have enough of those smaller objects which not only give the table some more credibility and ‘life’ but also balance the (usually) flat board of the table against the bigger buildings and such.

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