Getting the weathered wood effect

Wi PaintsFollowing my previous post, John Sharman asked me how I achieved the effect, so I thought I’d add a more detailed update. The first thing to note that these ideas were not mine, but we rather inspired by the weathered woodexcellent articles about painted weathered wood in the Wargames Illustrated Paints book.

This book is a very good resource, and well worth the few pounds it cost in PDF.

The initial basis of the idea is that weathered wood is not brown in colour, but rather has a much more grey tone.


The chicken coop was my first building. I painted this with a basecoat of Coat d’Arms Slate Grey, and then washed it with Games Workshop Brown Ink. This is one of their older paints, and the ink has a very deep, dark colour to it. It sort of worked, but I wasn’t sure if it was too dark.


So, for the rabbit hutch, I used the same base coat of Slate Grey, but then gave the building a wash of Coat D’Arms Dark Brown Super Wash, which gives a lighter finish.

I then drybrushed both buildings with Slate Grey, followed by Coat D’Arms Uniform Grey, and Games Workshop Ash Wastes Grey. This had the added bonus of revealing a wood grain cast on the plastic, which wasn’t apparent in its initial form.

I then gave both buildings a second wash, this time with Caot D’Arms Light Brown Super Wash, just to tone down the drybrushing a little and add a little more brown to the final colour impression.

It was very much a ‘suck it and see’ approach, and I prefer the lighter brown shade of the garage to that of the storage shed – but considering this was my first attempt at this, overall I was pleased with the results.

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