SP2: 15mm or 28mm?

FN-100Just when I thought I’d decided what we were doing for Sharp practice 2…

I will be collecting a French force for the Peninsular War, and so I thought that I’d price up my initial purchases from AB Figures (From Fighting 15s)

Including 4 units of Infantry, a couple of units of Voltigeurs, and unit of Grenadiers –  plus Officers and Sergeants for all of these (to cover lots of options for characters and some support options with trumpeters, drummers and standard bearers) the total came to just under £50. Add a unit of Dragoons, a unit of Chasseurs and a 6lb gun, and you are adding a further £30-£35 (depending upon whether you order all in one go, or in two different batches)

victrix-ltd-miniatures-28mm-french-napoleonic-infantry-1807-1812-You always think that 15mm is going to be a cheaper option than 28mm don’t you? However, if you consider just your basic troops, plus the odd command figure, it’s actually cheaper to collect a force in 28mm – the Perry and Victrix plastic box sets will give you all the figures you need for a basic infantry force for between £20 and £22. Add a box of plastic Dragoons and another of Artillery and it’s still under £70, before postage.

However, you have other factors to consider: storage and scenery to name a couple. Obviously, 28mm figures take up more room (and 28mm scenery A LOT more room) and we also have a lot of existing scenery from our 15mm Chain of Command campaign that we can reuse, so on balance, though it’s ironic that the figures will actually cost more in 15mm than 28mm, overall it will work out cheaper and more convenient to play Sharp Practice 2 in 15mm – but it’s a close run thing.

4 Comments on SP2: 15mm or 28mm?

  1. Colonel Marbles // April 4, 2016 at 13:56 // Reply

    We need 15mm PSC hard plastic napoleonics!

  2. I also prefer 15mm. For me, space is a huge issue as I don’t live in a house, and as you say 28mm terrain takes up a lot of space – and if not with figures, with terrain the cost tips the balance: 28mm terrain is much more expensive.

  3. And, um, perhaps 15mm Napoleonics are “easier” and even, whisper it, “quicker” to paint….
    I’ve never painted 15mm Naps, so couldnt possibly comment!

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