Building a bit more scenery…Part II

You may remember last week I wrote a blog post about repurposing some old toy farm buildings as 15mm wargaming scenery.

Well, I did manage to finish these off over the weekend…

First off, the chicken coop:


Is now a storage shed


The boxes/barrels etc are from the Baeuda Battlefield Accessories pack. The wooden poles are matchsticks

Secondly, we have the Rabbit Hutch


Which is now a rural garage


The Oil Drums and boxes are again from the Baeuda Battlefield Accessories pack, the Petrol Pumps and Tyres are from Peter Pig. The fencing is scratch built from every scenery builders second favourite material: the Mk 1 coffee stirrer!

The bases for these models are from Warbases.

DSC_0005 garage


9 Comments on Building a bit more scenery…Part II

  1. John Sharman // April 5, 2016 at 09:30 // Reply


    I must say that you are rather good at producing very nice pieces of scenery and buildings.


    • Thank you John
      All the practice I have had in building bits of scenery over the last 18 months is finally paying off đŸ™‚
      In all seriousness, I am really pleased with how the garage turned out – I think it is probably the best piece I have done so far.

      However, I need to stop getting distracted by building scenery and paint some Panzer IVs đŸ˜€

  2. Looks great and realistic, splendid details!

  3. Brilliant, especially the details on the garage!

  4. AnĂ­bal Invictus // April 5, 2016 at 11:13 // Reply

    TerrĂ­fic work, how did you do the wood finish?

  5. Those are really good. Amazing transformation.

  6. I second this, the transformation into some beautiful wargaming terrain is remarkable. Very well done and the addition of all the details adds even more awesomeness!

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