Salute 2016

salutelogo600Unless you have been hiding in a fallout shelter recently, you cannot have failed to notice that it is the Salute show this coming Saturday (16th April 2016)

I will be there wearing two caps: one for Miniature Wargames, the other for Meeples & Miniatures. As a result, I will be spending my time wandering round with a mobile recorder, and also taking lots of pictures.

Episode 170 of the Podcast will be dedicated to all the interviews we record during the day. This won’t be published until the 1st May (due to bandwidth restrictions) – but it will probably take me a while to edit it all together!

In the mean time, please feel free to come and say ‘Hi’ if you spot me on the day (unless of course, I appear to be in the middle of an interview!) – it’s always nice to meet up with readers and listeners and put faces to names – you never know, you might even get on the show!

2 Comments on Salute 2016

  1. Would be nice to chat a bit. I`ll be there with two friends from Bavaria.

  2. Shame I can’t make it (work), but I look forward to your reports. Have a good day at the show Meeples fans!

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