Salute 2016

Salute 2016 has been and gone for another year.

I spent most of the show rushing around trying to grab interviews and take pictures, and still managed to miss some games and traders completely – even though they were on my list of people to talk to! The bottom line, Salute is a big show, and it is unlikely that you will get to see everything.

We’ve got a couple of podcasts coming up in the near future, in which we will share more of our views on the show. However, I wanted to post some photos of my favourite games (the caveat is that these are from those that I saw – it turns out that I missed a few completely!)

Ian Smith & Friends – The Battle of Adrados (Based on the novel Sharpe’s Enemy)








ArcWorlde – Small, but perfectly formed



Bill Gaskin & Friends – Seven Years War





Crewe & Natwich Club – the Siege of Bristol (ECW)






Spartan Games


Covenant Super Carrier ‘Long Night of Solace’, scaled for Halo Fleet Battles. “Because we could” – Neil Fawcett

Loughton Strike Force – Russo-Finnish War 1940 (WW2)


Great looking Frostgrave Table


The fantastic looking Renedra Castle


DSC_0072Josh came along for the day, and whilst his dad was working, he got to play a few games.

He reports the the upcoming Dark Souls game is pretty good, and he really enjoyed playing Guildball – so it looks like I’ve finally got someone I can play this with!

An interesting show, which left me with somewhat mixed feelings. Find out more when we publish our Salute Special Podcast – onward with the editing!

5 Comments on Salute 2016

  1. Dave Blood // April 19, 2016 at 00:46 // Reply

    Awesome pics! I still don’t understand why Salute is only one day.

    Guild Ball is a great game. I’ve been playing it almost exclusively since January. I used to be a gaming butterfly, but now it’s all Guild ball, all the time.

  2. Great pics. The terrain is awesome. More pics please!

  3. Thank you for the excellent pictures! The quality of the tables is quite stunning.

  4. Mervyndouglas // April 22, 2016 at 08:41 // Reply

    I suspect “expense” is the answer plain and simple. Rather than go over 2 days I would rather it ran longer – 0900 to 1800 anybody? The main downside I expect is that traders would be even more knackered than they are already. While many may not want to be there for the full term, it might thin some of the crowds a bit and encourage more time to be spent on demos.

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