The “Secret” Sharp Practice 2 Project

…well, if you’ve listened to the last podcast, or been following me on Twitter, this hasn’t actually been very secret at all.

Following the release of Sharp Practice 2, I’ve been looking for what scale and period to play. I’m a huge fan of the ‘Sharpe’ novels, and really fancied collecting a 28mm French force for the Peninsular War, which would probably require five boxes of Perry plastics (2 boxes of infantry, plus 3 of cavalry) plus a few extra blisters.

However, after discussing this with Dave Luff, it turns out that he really didn’t fancy doing Peninsular War in 28mm, and so we started looking elsewhere – finally deciding on the French Indian War, probably in 15mm. However, it might well be some time before we start putting this together.

But we really want to get the game to the table, so what about a force which we can play now?

We both have large collections of Baccus 6mm Napoleonics – my French army has been languishing in a box for the best part of 8 years. Could we use these?

CgvsTo4W4AAIqcyI was pretty convinced that we could – after all, if you converted the measurements to centimetres rather than inches, the ground scale was pretty much bang on. You would need to reduce the base size somewhat – but it would seem that using 10mm bases for infantry and 20mm x 10mm bases for cavalry might work. After a couple of hours discussing this with Dave, we decided to go for it.

One order to Warbases later…

2 packs of 10mm bases, 1 pack of 20mm x 10mm bases and 12 Sabots came to the princely sum of £10.70 (incl. postage)

So, why go 6mm?

Cost. You may have noticed that I have been somewhat restrained in my wargaming purchases this year – this is entirely on purpose. After spending the last year or so clearing out my game and model collection, I really want to try as much as possible to do something with the figures that I currently own, rather than buying additional models. In the light of this, my purchases have been very focused on projects we are currently working on (hence the odd set of WWII figures, vehicle or building).

So, using existing figures fits in very well with this aim. Also, we don’t need to buy any scenery as we already have a lot in 6mm.

Add to this the fact that my wife has just had her car written off – unexpectedly needing to replace a car can put a serious dent in anyone’s wargaming budget!

Speed. Say what you like, but painting 6mm figures is quite a quick process. I’m hoping that I can get a complete force painted in a couple of weeks, tops. We can get up and running quickly without a huge investment in time and effort.

Because. Ever since I first mentioned it, there are a few people who adamantly claim that it won’t work, or that it would just look rubbish. I’m something of a 6mm fanboy, and there is part of me that simply wants to prove that not only is this doable, but that the game would work well and also look good.

With all this in mind, I dug into my boxes in the spare room at the weekend, and found my 6mm French Army. This is what I’m putting together for Sharp Practice 2:


There are 14 units in total: 5 units of Line Infantry, 3 Voltigeurs (2 skirmishing), 5 Units of Cavalry (2 Dragoons, 1 Cuirassier, 1 Chasseur, 1 Hussar), 1 Artillery piece and several officers.


Voltigeurs on the left, Line Infantry on the right, with Officers behind.


Cavalry left to right: Dragoons, Cuirassiers, Hussars and Chasseurs. The artillery is in the background.

All in all, I am looking at painting around 120 figures, including officers. We’ll see how we get on, shall we?


The Sabot bases are roughly 45mm x 25mm, just to give you an idea of scale.

10 Comments on The “Secret” Sharp Practice 2 Project

  1. Good luck with this project. Depending on how this works out, I may use some of my spare 6mm Napoleonics to do the same thing.

  2. as you’ve reduced the base sizes down, I am prepared to concede in public that SP2 might work in 6mm now

    • I think it will fall well into the realm of ‘acquirred taste’, but I’m looking forward to seeing it on the table

    • fleetfootmike // April 27, 2016 at 12:10 // Reply

      Never said it wouldn’t work (unlike you :D). Just think you miss out on the shiny lace…

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’d still like to do this in 28mm, but this is on the ‘nice to have’ list.
        Let’s face it, up until last year. I could have pretty much done this in 40mm – both sides!

  3. I’m just making my mind up about what options to use for basing with my 10mm FIW figures from Pendraken to look at SP2 so pleased to see others doing it with smaller sizes rather than the 28mm obsession for skirmish games.

  4. I am trying to figure this out, so each sabot is a SP2 unit, i.e. 6-8-10 or 12 figures?


  5. Bravo sir! I’m glad you are doing it in spite of the detractors 🙂 Back in the day, I remember seeing a nice battle report of a 6mm SP1 game on a blog somewhere… Looking forward to your take on it!

  6. Good luck in 6mm. One thing that might speed up your painting is to use black undercoat. Some prefer drybrushing the details out and you know where to apply paint but in any case, 6mm can be very rewarding.

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