6mm Space Hulk

Please Note – This is not mine. I just want to highlight this awesome project…

Following my post about 6mm Sharp Practice, Matthew Slade sent me a link on Twitter for another micro project – he obviously remembers just how much I love Space Hulk…

nano space hulk

The full details can be found here.

It’s very tempting…but actually, it’s got me thinking that I should actually dig out the original game, along with Doom from FFG and play them with Josh.

Space_hulk_boxFor Space Hulk, I would need to finish painting the Genestealers (I do have fully painted Terminators, though I would want to rebase them).

If Genestealers start to appear on the painting table, it’s all Matt’s fault.


1 Comment on 6mm Space Hulk

  1. Thanks for sharing it here, pretty ace isn’t it?!


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