Hold the Line & Sharp Practice 2?

hold the line

In my previous post I mentioned the Hold The Line kickstarter

I’m always a fan of multi-tasking games and miniatures where possible (for example, the figures from my Samurai Battles boardgame will also serve in my Sengoku period wargame armies, when I finally pluck up the courage to paint them).

It struck me that, whilst all the miniatures are of a single pose…

HOLD The Line minis

They could be used for a couple of Sharp Practice 2 armies.

FIW pieces

Additional sets of the figures are available during the KS, $35 for the Hold The Line minis and $20 for the FIW minis, although there doesn’t appear to be a $1 pledge in the KS where you can just order the minis. However, they will also be available after the KS, with a MSRP of $45 and $30 respectively.

Slightly off the wall, but it’s worth a thought?

Oh, and I’ve already been thinking about using the pieces from Battlecry to produce a small ACW force…

6 Comments on Hold the Line & Sharp Practice 2?

  1. They’re single pose and not very good.

  2. I think subconsciously you’re yearning for your original SP2 plan – a box of Perry or Victrix plastics and be more or less done.

  3. 20 flag bearers is an odd addition. That is just over 1:2 flag bearers to infantry men. Would have been better to add more infantry figures than so many flag bearers.

    • Agreed. I don’t know the Worthington Games system, so I can’t comment much, but given the number of flag bearers, they must be an important part of the game.

  4. mcdouglas2015 // May 15, 2016 at 16:28 // Reply

    They certainly weren’t significant in the original game. I don’t have a copy any more, it was a perfectly good, if unspectacular, game…. More scenarios fine, but the nice thick, double-width colourful counters were one of the best features. The figures replacing them look um, crude, by comparison.

  5. Probably the 6mm Sharp Practice concept is better (not sure if Hold the Line in worth it). Hold the line would certainly look better with counters and does not really benefit the figures – in my opinion.

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