OLM4 game – setting up the table

Last night saw myself and Dave going through a dry run of our table set-up for the scenario we are running during Operation Market Larden #4 (which is only 8 days away – Eeek!)

DSC_0003 27th May

I think we are pretty happy with the layout. (Note – I forgot to take a photo earlier in the evening – the table now has the troops and support options on the table)

Whilst we were at it we sorted out our forces and the support options

British Airborne (Force Points)


Infantry Platoon (+2) – see below

Sherman Troop (2 Shermans + 1 Firefly) (+2) – Dave finished painting those this week

Support: PIAT Team (+2), Vickers MMG (+4), Forward Observer and 3″ Mortar Battery (+4), Engineers Section with JL (+4), Pre-Game Barrage (+2)

This gives 20 Force Points in total – we removed the 2 Sniper Teams from the British force, thus removing 6 force points from the total, as it didn’t seem appropriate to have snipers during what was an all-out assault.

German Panzer Grenadiers – Regular (Force Points)


Infantry Platoon (+1)

Tank Destroyer Platoon (Marder III) (+1)

Support: MG42 MMG (+4), Forward Observer with 80mm Mortar Battery (+4)

This gives 10 Force Points in total, leaving the German forces with a further 10 points to spend on other support options.

We amended the support choices available to static defences, plus a couple of command options:

Maximum one each of: Adjutant (1), Senior Leader (2)

Minefield (1) – maximum 2, Barbed Wire (1) – maximum 4, Road Block (2) – maximum 1, Entrenchments – infantry team(1)- maximum 4, Ambush Marker (2) – maximum 2.

1 Comment on OLM4 game – setting up the table

  1. mcdouglas2015 // May 27, 2016 at 21:30 // Reply

    This serves as
    1. A test comment on your work in progress on the blog
    2. An opportunity to say that looks very nice…I can see the benefits of 15mm for Chain of Command as I like the use of a base per half-section.

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