UK Games Expo 2016

The UK Games Expo is back for another 3 days of the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the UK, celebrating it’s 10th birthday…and it’s bigger than ever.


This year the trading hall has taken over Hall 1 of the NEC. It’s big…


…really big…

There is plenty of space to move around, lots of areas to play games, many vendors selling (fairly) reasonably priced food, and a huge amount of boardgames to see and play. You could easily spend the entire day moving around the stands getting demos of various games (try before you buy…and yes, I did)

And this is only part of the show. The Hilton Metropole has been taken over to provide a huge amount of open gaming space, as well as rooms for playing in various tournaments and RPG sessions.

Spending a single day at the show simply isn’t long enough. Whilst the trading hall is open until 5pm, I’m sure that gaming will run long into the night. It’s definitely the sort of place where you can get a demo of a game during the day, buy it, and then spend the evening playing it.

The move of venue to the NEC is, for me at least, a huge success. The show seemed busy all day, and this was only Friday – it will be very interesting to see what the weekend is like.

If you have no plans this weekend, you could do many worse things than pop down to Birmingham for the day. If you are a tabletop gaming fan, this event is a MUST.

2 Comments on UK Games Expo 2016

  1. I’m looking forward to visiting on Sunday…..


  2. I’ve been meaning to go for a while now, but this year there was an unfortunate family wedding related clash that I simply couldn’t get out of…

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