‘Battle of Britain’ coming soon from PSC Games

PSC Games – the boardgame arm of The Plastic Soldier Company – are moving forward with a lot of new releases over the coming month.


Of particular note is the fact they are soon to launch (in the next few weeks) a Kickstarter project to fund a brand new version of ‘Battle of Britain’ – a boardgame designed by Richard Borg (he of Commands & Colors fame) which was originally published by TSR almost 20 years ago.

The new game has been completely revamped and will come with 1/300th scale plastic aircraft.


PSC had a ‘super-sized’ version of the game on display at the UK Games Expo, using 1/144 scale planes. I mentioned to Will that he may want to consider the possibility of producing the game in this scale too, as I’m sure that it will appeal to a particular audience. What do you think?




7 Comments on ‘Battle of Britain’ coming soon from PSC Games

  1. I saw the oversized version at the UK Games Expo. I’m very excited for its release (and I’m not much of a war gamer) but I think the cost of producing painted miniatures on that scale would be prohibitive.

    • I wouldn’t expect them to be painted.
      However, those planes are the same scale as Wings of Glory, so you could always use those…

      • Wings of Glory miniatures are beautiful, but eye-wateringly expensive. I saw a bomber at the UK Games Expo on sale for £65!

  2. Wings of glory WWII is actually 1/200 scale the WWI is 1/144 scale. There was a game a few years back that had prepainted larger scale planes, not sure but thought it was associated with axis and allies. Now 1/200 scale planes yep I’m in.even 1/300 sounds great.

  3. The larger map size, complete with push sticks and the prepainted aircraft are definitely an enhancement for the game that I’d be willing to support. Great game.

  4. Oddly enough,while I can see that people might think that way, I prefer smaller models in every way. 1:600 for me!

  5. Conrad Kinch // June 24, 2016 at 22:41 // Reply

    I don’t think that beard is regulation…

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