Polyversal Kickstarter enters its last 2 days

Polyversal – the Sci-Fi mass combat miniatures system – has been running an updated Kickstarter project over the last few weeks.

The Kickstarter is entering its last couple of days. The project has reached its $30,000 funding goal and is close to it’s first stretch goal. The game and is due for delivery in January 2017.

We have talked about this system several times on the Podcast, and Mike Hobbs has been involved in the playtesting of the rules. We think it’s a great system, so it is an ideal time to get involved and order the rules and some associated miniature factions at a discount.

If you want more information, you can listen to our previous podcasts on the game.

Interview with Game Designer Ken Whitehurst

Interview with Game Publisher Byron Collins

1 Comment on Polyversal Kickstarter enters its last 2 days

  1. Ooopps! I forgot to pledge for the PDF until too late. Maybe I can get a hard copy in due course, and I am more likely to read (and therefore play) that.

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