Saga in 6mm @ The Joy of Six

joy of six logoWhen we were at Salute earlier this year, Dave Luff and I bumped into Per Broden. We’d previously chatted to him at Joy of Six in 2014 – Per has a tendency to put on large, beautiful Great Northern Wargames in 6mm at this event. He asked us if we would help him with a new project he had planned for this year’s Joy of Six show, which is happening on Sunday 17th July 2016.



Per is planning on running several participation games of Saga, but using forces made up of 6mm figures – which is something that Dave and I discussed on a previous podcast episode.


Originally Mike Hobbs also got on board with this, but he’s unfortunately had to pull out due to family commitments – which leaves Dave and I to frantically swot up on the rules as we haven’t played Saga for a while!



In the mean time, Pere has actually been doing all the hard work, painting all the models and putting the warbands together. He has been writing a blog about this : Roll a One.


Part I – Introduction

Part II – Irish, Welsh & Scottish



Part III – Vikings, Normans & Anglo-Danes


Part IV – Welsh, Anglo-Danes & Jomsvikings

Part V – Breton, Norse-Gael & Franks

Part VI – Painting Overview

We will keep you updated on this – it’s only a month away (Yikes!)

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