Halo: Ground Command launches July 2016

Spartan Games have announced the shipping dates for their much anticipated new Sci-Fi game, Halo: Ground Command. The 2-Player starter box set, titled Battle for Reach will be shipped to distributers on the 20th July, and direct to customers on the 27th July.

HGC box art

The Starter box contents have been finalized:

  • Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook
  • Statistics Sheets (detailing UNSC and Covenant forces)
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • 2 x Commander Cards
  • 20 x Custom Halo Dice, 6 x Halo Order Dice and 4 x Normal D6
  • 40 x Game Tokens (Damage, Activation and Cooldown)Shadow Templates – UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropships
  • Halo Scenery – Bunkers and Scatter Terrain
  • UNSC 1,250 Point Battle Group
  • Covenant 1,250 Point Battle Group

UNSC Battle Group - HGBB01

The UNSC Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Officer, 1x Medic and 1x Radio)
  • 2 Trooper Units each comprising: 3x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 1x HMG Base (HMG, Gunner, Spotter)
  • Fire Support Unit comprising: 2x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 2x Rocket Team Bases (2x Troopers with Rockets on each)
  • 3x Spartan Bases (1x Spartan Assault Rifle, 1x Spartan Laser, 1x Spartan Rocket Launcher)
  • 2x Warthogs (armed with Chainguns and Trooper Driver and Gunner)

Covenant Battle Group - HGBB01
The Covenant Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Zealot, 1x Elite Minor)
  • 3 Grunt Units each comprising: 2x Grunt Bases (3x Grunts), 1x Fuel Rod Team Base (2x Grunts with Fuel Rods) and 1x Elite Minor Base (1x Elite Minor, 2x Grunts)
  • Hunter Unit comprising: 2x Hunters
  • 3x Ghosts (with Grunt Drivers)

The 2-Player box set is available for £65

In addition, there is also a USNC Pelican Dropship and a Covenant Phantom Dropship available – each is priced at £75.

Master Pelican Image

Master Phantom Image

This is probably the game that most gamers were expecting to see when Spartan first announced that they had the Halo licence. The models looked excellent when I saw them at Salute earlier this year. Really looking forward to this, and we hope to get Neil & Derek from Spartan back on the show to chat about this as soon as we can.

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