Burrows and Badgers

When I had a chat with Michael & Jo Lovejoy of Oathsworn Miniatures at the UK Games Expo the other week, one thing that particularly caught my eye was their range of anthropomorphic fantasy animals.


Burrows and badgers coverThese miniatures are for a set of rules called Burrows and Badgers. This is a warband skirmish game – Michael described it as “Redwall meets Mordheim”.

The rules were available for £10 – unfortunately I completely forgot to pick a set up on the day.

I was looking on their website this morning (actually, I was wondering whether to order a couple of warbands) when I discovered that the rules are actually available to download for free from the Burrows and Badgers website.

The downloads available also include an FAQ, a Warband Roster and a couple of documents which explain how to create a warband, how the models in the Oathsworn range relate to the races in the game, and the approximate points cost of the starter warbands (their are five starter warbands available for the game, each priced at £20)


The miniatures range is gorgeous, and actually pretty big (the badger, for example is over 50mm)


This game looks really interesting, and the figures look like they will be a joy to paint. I’ll be writing a review of the rules in due course.

At the moment, this has got to be my favourite model in the range, a Fox Rogue:



4 Comments on Burrows and Badgers

  1. I do not know, very Wind in the Willows to me. They are lovely figures.

  2. I have to say those models are lovely and really tempting

  3. They are great models. Only discovered Oathsworn a year or so ago but have accumulated a lot of their models already. Paint up well too! Examples on warchest.co.uk for those interested.

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