Poseidon’s Warriors – looking for war galleys

I’m currently working on a review of the recently released Poseidon’s Warriors, written by John Lambshead and published by Osprey Publishing.

This is a set of rules for mass naval combat in the ancient world, and as such each player will need a fleet of 15 – 20 galleys. The main miniatures used in the rules Langton 1/1200 scale ships. However, with prices varying from £2.20 to £2.70 per model, collecting a fleet to simply play a test game or two would be pretty expensive.


Junior General Roman Triremes

One alternative would be to use paper or card vessels. The Junior General website has a large selection of paper miniatures available, including several sets of ancient war galleys – Roman, Carthaginian, Greek and Persian to name a few.

These are a great resource, and the larger multi-part galleys look pretty impressive when assembled, but I must admit the thought having to construct 30 or 40 of these ships in order to play a couple of test games left me more than a little disturbed – even if the results would look great – (There’s a thought for a potential show game “Ancient Naval Combat on a budget”).



The excellent Junior General Carthaginian war galley

In the end, I found what I wanted at Tiny Tin Troops. They have a range of ship counters in 1/1200 and 1/600 scales covering the Peloponnesian Wars and Punic Wars, plus three fleets for specific battles. These are printed on thick paper, and are designed to be mounted on artist mounting board to provide good quality, very cheap counters for playing games. These sets are priced between £5 – £7.50 for two opposed fleets.

war galleys

My only job now (other than mounting these counters) is work out exactly how I differentiate the fleets once they are on the board…

5 Comments on Poseidon’s Warriors – looking for war galleys

  1. Oh, I’m very interested in those rules – looking forward to reading your review!

  2. Roman Seas’ models are very nice too http://www.romanseas.com/

  3. Excellent way to test out the rules. Looking forward to the review.

  4. Steve Cooper // July 24, 2016 at 18:00 // Reply

    What dice does it use?

  5. i made my own miniatures and it is a great set of rules but like yoda said there is another…………http://wargamersguatemala.blogspot.com/ pics of my minis and the battle 3 players

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