Rediscovering my Saga mojo

I knew it was going to happen.

After playing Saga for the first time in over three years last week, I remembered why I loved the game. More than that, after my defeat (you were expecting another result?) my mind was racing with how I could change my Norman warband to meet Dave’s Viking threat.

I spent a couple of hours rooting through the spare room this morning, looking for all my Saga ‘stuff’, and came up with the cache shown above. Most of this means that I can expand my Normans, and even have enough different troops to make Breton and Frankish warbands. As for the Vikings? Well, it’s a different warband and will give an opposing army in my collection, which will be ideal if I want to teach others to play (I’m sure I could convert Josh)

I even found some MDF buildings which I had forgotten that I had.

I think I’ve found one of my next projects. It will make a nice change from painting 15mm World War II.

3 Comments on Rediscovering my Saga mojo

  1. Good plan, I’m looking forward to seeing how these work out. But what happened to the 6mm Napoleonic French for Sharp Practice?

  2. Wait, have you not met Dux Britanniarum? 😉

    Anyway, clever thinking stocking up on minis for the inevitable relapse.

    • Err…Yes
      My West Wind Productions Romano-British and Saxons would be the figures in the crate underneath the one that I found my Saga minis in…

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