Sharp Practice 2 – FIW update…

Back in April I was musing about the possibility of gaming French Indian War using Sharp Practice 2, but lamenting the fact that I could not find the 28mm figures that I had originally ordered to play Muskets & Tomahawks.

Well, I’m pleased to say that whilst searching for my boxes of Norman cavalry, I found the box of FIW figures…

…although these weren’t quite what I remembered. I’d picked up several packs of Foundry AWI British Infantry, reasoning in my ignorance, that they were ‘close enough’ for the period.


At least my French force is more reasonable, being a mix of French Canadian Militia and Huron Warriors.

However, it still remains for me to convince a certain Mr Luff that we want to play in this scale, and I think I’ve already done a pretty good job of converting him to the 15mm range from Blue Moon

In that case, expect to see these on eBay soon, unless someone wants to make me an offer, of course…

5 Comments on Sharp Practice 2 – FIW update…

  1. Although 28mm is a great scale for skirmish wargaming, the amount of work, money & space required for the terrain requirements alone will send you troppo. Don’t do it. 15/18mm will suffice.

    • In the past I have been somewhat sceptical about playing skirmish games in 15mm, and indeed I have not been a fan of the scale in general – I always thought the figures were too fiddly to paint, needing just as much care and time as 28s without the visual benefits.

      However, playing Chain of Command in 15mm has completely changed my view on this, and I agree that when it comes to combining playability with practicality, it’s a great scale to chose.

  2. Ah, yes. That terrible problem of remembering what you bought when you were just in the mood to ………..

  3. 15mm of course makes more sense, we’re all aware of that I’m sure. šŸ™‚ But seeing as you already own so many 28mm minis for the period…

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