Ship counters for Poseidon’s Warriors

Posiedens warriorsYou may remember that last week I was talking about getting hold of some ‘cheap’ war galleys in order to have some test games of the new ancient naval rules Poseidon’s Warriors.

Well, having received some very nice colour printed war galleys from Tiny Tin Troops, the next job was to make them into something a bit more useable – the ships are printed on 160gsm card, which is a little flimsy for playing without mounting them on something a bit larger – in the end I decided on 5mm foam board.


Having  cut pieces of foam board to size, and glued the appropriate ships, I did find myself with a bit of an issue – I was really struggling to tell the two fleets apart! I’m not knocking the ship details, I’m just not familiar enough with ancient galleys to instantly tell the difference between Roman and Carthaginian ships at a glance.

The solution was simply – paint each counter edge: red for Roman, blue for Carthaginian. The result are some perfectly serviceable, easy to handle (and easy to identify!) ship counters, which have cost the grand total of £7, plus a couple of nights to effort of cutting, gluing and painting.

Both fleets are now ready to do battle.


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  1. Neil, I hope a review is forthcoming on Poseidon’s Warriors?

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