Ceri Design launch 2D terrain Kickstarter 

Ceri Design, a small UK company that has previously run Kickstarter projects to produce gaming mats, is running a new Kickstarter project, this time producing 2D terrain.

This terrain is produced from the same sublimated felt material as the game mats that Ceri Design produce. The material is hard wearing and crease resistant.

They are producing several different designs, including warehouse terrain (as seen above), buildings (basically top-down views of roofs), ruins and wild areas (below)

The idea is to make affordable, good looking terrain for those gamers where space is at a premium – let’s face it, terrain can take up a lot of room.

Each terrain pack is priced at £10. The Kickstarter is running until the 13th August, looking to raise £1000.

1 Comment on Ceri Design launch 2D terrain Kickstarter 

  1. Not a bad idea at all. Definitly better than the usual green and brown felt pieces. I think some of the designs could be a bit more visually appealing, but overall this is a good starting point for beginners or people with little space/time or money so it will only make the hobby more inclusive!

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