Streetscape – 28mm MDF buildings with a difference on Kickstarter

Whilst the growth of MDF lasercut buildings has revolutionised the wargames scenery market, there is a simple fact: unless you are prepared to use some modelling skills to make some amendments, the vast majority of MDF buildings

  • all look the same
  • look like MDF buildings – i.e. wood and not brick

Philip Page has just launched a new Kickstarter project with the idea of changing that.

Streetscape: 28mm Resin and MDF buildings has the idea of using an MDF shell for the building, but then using a thin resin sheet for detail. This detail can be used on the front, back and roof of the building to give you buildings that have the detail and finish of resin, without the weight, and at a reduced cost. The resin can be thin, as it’s not providing the structural integrity of the model.

streetscape 1

The upshot is that a number of buildings can be produced, using three basic MDF ‘frames’ and applying different facades, roof tiles and added extras such as skylights, dorma windows and chimneys.

It’s a really interesting idea, and a neat solution to the ‘MDF look’ problem.

The project is running until the 24th August, and is looking for a £4,000 funding target.


2 Comments on Streetscape – 28mm MDF buildings with a difference on Kickstarter

  1. mcdouglas2015 // August 1, 2016 at 15:25 // Reply

    My first thought was “typical, I’ve just got all the buildings I want”…followed by “I really like the details though”. However it seems that they are just shells, so you cant take off the floors to place figures inside the house on separate levels, I dont think? For me that makes it a non-starter for use with our preferred WW2 skirmish games Chain of Command and Combat Patrol.
    Incidentally Sally 4th do a paper print that you can stick onto MDF buildings to give them a bit of 2D variation from a plain MDF finish…with a bit of weathering I think they would look good.
    Now, who can point me at a cheap MDF 28mm northern France church…?? 🙂

  2. James mccabe // February 19, 2017 at 10:01 // Reply

    Dear McDouglas, Warbases do a nice Norman church that is quite inexpensive and he a removable roof.
    Jim McCabe

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