July 2016 – Podcast & Blog stats

It looks as if July was another bumper month for the podcast and blog – here are the monthly stats, if you are interested in that sort of thing…

The Blog

We had 22,144 views from 8,137 visitors during July. We published 37 blog posts.

The Podcast

We published no less than four podcasts during July, although we did cheat a little by publishing the August 1st episode a day early! (We were just excited about the new Halo game)

We had a total of 10,402 downloads during July, with Episode 173 (the Miniature Wargaming Movie interview) the most popular with 2,139 downloads.

On the social media front we now have 985 Twitter followers (it would be nice to break that magic 1,000 in the next month 🙂 ) and 508 members of the Facebook Group.

Thank you to everyone for listening to the show and visiting the blog – it’s really encouraging to see that what we produce continues to be of interest to everyone. We are always open to comments and suggestions on what we produce – we would love to hear from you.

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