Size comparison – Battlefront vs Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Sherman Tanks

Last night I found myself putting together the plastic models that are supplied with the Tanks skirmish game.

These plastic kits are from Battlefront. The construction instructions in the rulebook are fairly brief, and there are no instructions for the Jagdpanther – luckily these are both available on the Battlefront website. You can find them at the links below:

Plastic Sherman instructions

Plastic Panther / Jagdpanther instructions

Both kits are very easy to build – you can put one together in about 10 – 15 minutes. I was pretty impressed with the Sherman kit. It has a lot of options for the build: 75mm, 76mm or 105mm guns plus standard and uparmoured versions of the M4A3. One thing of particular note was that you could build two complete turrets from the sprue provided, so you can change between a Sherman 75mm and a Sherman 76mm simply by changing the turret. This was different from the Plastic Soldier Company Sherman kits I have built in the past. Whilst these also have the option of building either turret, they share some common parts, such as hatches, mountings and the .50 cal, so that you are unable to build two complete turrets from a single PSC Sherman sprue.

I think this extra versatility is something in the Battlefront kits favour, especially for those gamers on a more limited budget, as it means that you are effectively getting two tanks for the price of one.

As I was building the kits, I couldn’t help but think that these looked a little on the large size for 15mm tanks. Sure enough, I put the completed Battlefront Sherman next to its Plastic Soldier Company equivalent, and I was surprised at just how much larger the Battlefront kit was. Here are some side-by-side photos of both the Sherman 75mm and Sherman 76mm:






As you can see, both in length and height, the Battlefront kits are noticeably larger – probably the most noticeable feature for me is the difference in size between the .50 cal machine guns: the Battlefront one looks huge in comparison.

I was quite surprised when I noticed the size difference – it’s not something I’ve come across with Battlefront’s resin and metal models – and it does make me wonder if the same holds true right across all of Battlefront’s plastic kits. It’s not a major issue by any means. Since I don’t tend to field tanks very close to each other, the size difference shouldn’t be that noticeable when the vehicles are on the table. I just found it interesting.

Other than that, the Battlefront plastic kits are very quick and easy to put together and look pretty good when assembled.

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