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Recently my good friend and fellow Podcast host Mike Hobbs has discovered the joy that is the Commands & Colors series of boardgames, and to be honest has subsequently got me back into playing the game.

Whilst I realise that they are not for everyone, as the game mechanics are somewhat abstract in dealing with some situations (like attacking units in the flank), they are great if you fancy a relatively quick game wargame with a heavy dollop of period flavour.

The series has grown over a number of years, and now encompasses several eras of history.

I haven’t looked at it for a long while, but the website has been given a full facelift to support five of the games in the series: Ancients, Battle Cry (ACW), Napoleonics, Samurai Battles & The Great War. There are new rules and scenarios on the site for all five of these games – if you play any of these, this website should definitely be in your favourites list.

3 Comments on – supporting all things Commands & Colors

  1. Mark Jessop // August 9, 2016 at 16:46 // Reply

    I agree with you. I hadn’t played for a couple of years but my mate has just devised a version to fight ancient naval battles. I had quite forgotten how good the card system is and how easily memorised the rules.

  2. Tom Privitera // August 10, 2016 at 09:25 // Reply

    I have to agree , a very underestimated set of rules for a good , quick and easy to set up game . My local club almost plays this set of rules exclusively for their Ancient games and all of the derivatives using everything from 6mm, 1/72 , 15mm and 28mm scale figures . We eagerly anticipate each new release . My personal favourite has always been Battlelore V.1 , cheers Tom

    • Battlelore v1? Now you’re talking!
      I agree, I think this is the best of the lot, especially with all the miniatures, the combination of the council of heroes and their action cards and the production values of the game artwork and components – absolutely brilliant

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