Kickstarter Round-Up – 2nd September 2016

Every week sees new Kickstarter projects launched aimed at wargamers. Here are the one that have caught my eye

True Tiles

Dungeon tiles for your 3D- Printer (see above) – this is the second KS for this product, which is launching some new models for you to try (as well as making the first set of files available again). This is actually for the STL files for you to print yourself, so Mr Whitaker will be pleased!

It’s due to fund on the 18th September, and has already smashed its funding goal into tiny pieces…

Mounted Renaissance Knights

ks 2nd sep 2Steel Fist Miniatures are looking to fund three new sets of 16th Century heavily armoured knights, with the idea that each set will have lots of variables so that many different figures can be made from the same base models.

The project runs until the 29th September, and is 65% funded at time of writing.

Hidden Forest 2D terrain

ks 2nd sep 3Printed 2D terrain seems to be becoming more and more popular. Hidden Forest are looking to produce sets of 2D terrain printed on neoprene to complement their terrain mats (though obviously they will be suitable for use with any other mat!) This project is aimed at producing scenery for Guildball and Warmachine, though some of the terrain will be suitable for all sorts of different games.

The project is due to finish on the 19th September, and is over 90% funded at time of writing.

Resin Ancient Ruins

ks 2nd sepWorldsmith Industries are looking to produce a new range of resin scenery, depicting ancient ruins. There are several different option available

The project is due to finish on the 22nd September, and is already almost 400% funded

Darklands: Savage Hordes III

ks 2nd sep 5Darklands is a fantasy world created by Mierce Miniatures, which includes lots of very impressive resin and metal models (We interviewed them at the UK Games Expo this year) Savage Hordes III is a project to fund the creation of mounted units for the game.

The project is due to run until the 13th September and is over 200% funded


ks 2nd sep 6

Shortwars pits Halflings against Goblins, with both armies have a renaissance theme. The two armies each contain just over 60 miniatures, and cam be purchased as full armies, or as smaller packs.

The project is due to finish on the 2nd October, and is currently 190% funded.

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