Prodos release limited edition Cheyenne Dropship

When it comes to sci-fi, dropships are an iconic part of the genre. Whether it be earthbound VTOL transports, or spacecraft capable of orbital insertion, the crop up everywhere in books, films and video games.

One of the most iconic (perhaps because it features in what is -after 30 years – still, in my opinion, the best sci-fi action film ever made) is the Cheyenne Dropship, which first featured in the film Aliens.


Prodos Games, as part of their AVP range, has just released a 28mm scale version of this ship, which measures 16″ long and 10″ wide. Unfortunately, it’s been released as a limited edition model (only 100 are available) and so has a price tag to match it’s artificially generated collectability: £150.

I’m also wondering if, despite it’s size, it’s actually too small. As you are no doubt aware, the Cheyenne is supposed to be able to carry an M577 APC as it’s payload – I wonder if a scale model of this will actually fit inside this model?

Prodos have not made many friends during the whole history of AVP – whilst I’m sure this release will make the lucky few very happy, the rest of us will have to continue to settle for proxies of this famous ship.


4 Comments on Prodos release limited edition Cheyenne Dropship

  1. to be honest I don’t think its that good, as you say the scale looks wrong. but I’m sure it’ll sell

    anyway the bigger question is does this mean Prodos have got a licence for the Aliens films as well as AvP?

  2. It’s a luxury product. Complaining about the price is pretty asinine if you think about it.

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