Kickstarter Round-up – 9th September 2016

Here is the latest round up of Kickstarter projects that caught my eye this week:

Dragonlock 2: Fantasy Village Terrain for 3D Printers


Fat Dragon Games are offering a project in which your rewards are STL files for your home 3D printer – these can be used to create a modular fantasy village.

They currently have timber frame, field stone and wooden buildings available, plus a selection of furniture. They are looking at producing add-on sets for sewers and ruins.

These look really interesting – I’m sure Mr Whitaker will be looking at this!

They have smashed their original $500 funding goal, having raised over $55K, and they still have over 30 days to run! The project is due to finish on the 12th October.

Modular Underground Project

modular-undergroundMAKI Games are running a project to produce plastic modular 3D dungeon terrain.

This again looks really interesting – certainly this sort of terrain is proving very popular at the moment.

The project has again smashed it’s $35,000 funding goal, raising over $60,000 with almost a month left to run. It’s due to finish on the 7th October.

THE QUEST Enhanced: Dragon, Dwarves, Elves, Miniatures

questNocturna models are producing  a small range of resin models for collectors and gamers. Available in both 35mm and 70mm.

Their Aileen and Esthel models are particularly nice.

The project had a funding goal of 5,000 EUR, and has already raised almost 5 times that.

The project is running until the 1st October.

Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting

Finally for this week, something a little unusual – a grip to help hold your model whilst sculpting or painting.


There are two different sorts of grip available: the first has a frame to steady your brush, whilst the other is a wooden grip. The idea of both is to provide a ergonomic grip to help you grip miniatures whilst painting.

As I said, a really interesting and unusual idea. It’s already caught the imagination of a lot of people, having raised over 120,000 EUR against a 5,000 EUR target, and it doesn’t finish until the 2nd October!

Well, that’s it for another week on the Kickstarter front – I hope you’ve seen something interesting…

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