Deep Cut Studio release ‘Medieval Football’ mats


Deep Cut Studio, those terrain mat makers from Lithuania, have been at it again, and have just released a new set of products for all those fans of ‘Medieval Football’…aka Guildball

They have released no less than nine different pitches, which is perhaps a bit overkill, but it gives the player plenty of options.


‘Muddy Field’ – otherwise known as the average British football pitch!


The full list of pitches are:

  • Cobblestone
  • Prairie
  • Plains
  • Muddy Field
  • Frost-Grave
  • Grass
  • Cobblestone Streets
  • Swamp
  • Medieval Ruins

Whilst you can instantly see the use of many – all the different types of grass, for example, some of the other choices, such as Medieval Ruins or Cobblestones are a bit more…interesting.

And of course, after a hard days pillaging and throwing of spells, there is nothing the average Frostgrave warband likes better than a bit of footie (I suppose, given the size of the mat, this one could always function both as a Frost Grave mat, and then as a pitch…)

dcs-mf-9The mats are 3′ x 3′, and come in three different materials:

  • PVC – £22.90
  • Cloth – £25.90
  • Mousemat – £31.90

P&P costs are around £10, but you can order multiple mats for a single postage cost. I think some of these are more suitable than others, but they certainly add some variety to what is currently available for players of Guildball.

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